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UK based Natalie Carley is the woman behind building the Miss Voluptuous brand.

Having competed in pageants herself since 2015, and twice at international level, Natalie knew she wanted to create the kind of experience that she herself would want as a contestant. With four years of award winning event management experience, Natalie created the Miss Voluptuous Pageants system, starting with the UK and growing into the four nations of Great Britain; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales two years later.

In 2020, Natalie achieved International Status with the pageant; an accomplishment only seen in the UK by Miss World and Miss Tourism World.

Miss Voluptuous Pageants in the first and only UK based plus size exclusive pageant to crown Queens across the globe.

The sisterhood aspect of competing is at the forefront of Miss Voluptuous, as with the emphasis on platform and service to the communities of the contestants. 

Natalie is also the founder of Q4 - The Queen Collective, a united front of UK pageant contestants and activists dedicated to changing lives by supporting women in need. You can find out more about the project here.

The Miss Voluptuous Pageants brand is growing; Natalie's mission is to create global opportunities for others to take on the Miss Voluptuous Pageants brand and franchise it into their home state or country. 


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Miss Voluptuous Pageants was created in 2018 as a separate and stand alone system after Miss Voluptuous UK ran under the same Director in 2017 in the United Kingdom.

The rebranded system, Miss Voluptuous Pageants, is not connected in any way to Voluptuous Diva USA, nor has it ever been affiliated under this name.

Miss Voluptuous UK was created in 2016 after a conversation with the director of a scholarship program with a different name in USA. Elements of this program provided the inspiration for Miss Voluptuous UK, and an informal alliance was formed between the organisations.

The USA system changed its name and logo to align with Miss Voluptuous UK in January 2017, six months after the UK pageant was established. This logo was created by Natalie Carley Moloney.

The system also changed their crown to align with Miss Voluptuous UK.

The appointed USA titleholder visited the UK and Miss Voluptuous UK gladly hosted her as a special guest and all around inspirational woman.

However, the Miss Voluptuous USA pageant never took place, and was shelved for two consecutive years.

Miss Voluptuous UK went in an entirely different direction, and it became clear that the visions for the future of the systems were entirely different.


Miss Voluptuous UK, as an organisation, and after a discussion with the USA system about this, became Miss Voluptuous Pageants, to represent the new system, new vision and to symbolise the rebrand.

The winner’s crown, sash, brand colours, terms and conditions, website, mission statement, judging criteria, ethos and eligibility criteria all changed to reflect this, including allowing those in same sex relationships to compete, recognising Transgender Women as eligible to apply, and removing other antiquated  and discriminatory exclusions.

Our official USA Facebook page can be found here - https://www.facebook.com/MISSVOLUPTUOUSPAGEANTSUSA

Miss Voluptuous Pageants, as a system and a brand is the sole work of Natalie Carley Moloney.