Terms and Conditions of Application

1. I understand that should I be selected as a finalist, I will be required to provide photographic ID and proof of residence.

2. I understand that submitting an application does not automatically enable me to compete in Miss Voluptuous Pageants and that Miss Voluptuous Pageants reserve the right to reject applications based on suitability for the system.

3. I understand that Miss Voluptuous Pageants has a zero tolerance policy on bullying and I agree that should I be accepted I will behave in a manner that is respectful to my fellow contestants and team members.

4. I understand that competition divisions are subject to change based on minimum participation numbers. I also understand that competition dates and locations may also be subject to change at any time.

5. I understand that there is a delegate sponsorship and registration fee payable and that this can be paid in instalments. I also understand that to secure my title, I will be required to pay a deposit. 

6. I understand that if I am unable to fulfil my obligation as a delegate, fees paid are forfeited and held with the Miss Voluptuous  Pageants and cannot carry over under any circumstances. Entry fees are credited for the current pageant year only.


7. I understand that if I am unable to fulfil any part of my agreement then Miss Voluptuous Pageant system will not be required to refund any amount of the fees nor will be required to give a crown or sash to me as a contestant.

8. I understand that there are strict deadlines for payments and that missed payment dates may result in spaces being forfeited.

9. I understand that prizes and other benefits may be subject to change / withdrawal at any time without prior notice.

10. I understand that terms and conditions may be subject to change at any time without notice. 

11. I understand that any information or photographs I submit to the pageant, including on my application may, in whole or in part, be used for advertising purposes. I understand that in order to opt out of having my full name shared, I must inform the team of an alias I wish to use. 

12. I understand that if I am selected as to represent my country or state that I may not compete in any other pageants, beauty contests or modelling competitions. 

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