APRIL 1ST-6TH 2022

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At Miss Voluptuous Pageants, we pride ourselves on providing an experience unlike any other, allowing each delegate to immerse herself fully in our Pageant Sisterhood.

We already hold pageants in countries across the globe, but this year is particularly special as we make Pageant History by welcoming appointed titleholders to our family for the very first time, in preparation for crowning TWO International Queens at the International Pageant Grand Final in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE in April 2022, hosted by Crystals, Diamonds and Pearls. We are the first Plus Size exclusive British Pageant to achieve International Status!

Our system provides the opportunity for voluptuous role models across the world to share their platforms, ideas and visions for the future with other beautiful and like-minded women whilst participating in team building activities and development workshops.

We also created a dedicated website accessible exclusively to contestants AND have developed a brand new interactive forum to ensure that all of our contestants benefit from a strong sense of support and sisterhood!

So, what do we look for in a winner?

We want more than just a plus-sized model in a crown. We are looking for women who genuinely want to make a difference, and have what it takes to be a true role model in their communities, embracing the etiquettes and attributes of a worthy titleholder. You can see our current titleholders heading to the International Competition here.

We aren’t JUST celebrating plus sized bodies. We are empowering the women within them, helping them to see the beauty beyond the surface and encouraging them to chase their goals, build their visions for their respective futures and offering opportunities to have a whole lot of fun along the way. Our tagline is Empower, Elevate, Celebrate. We are definitely not the traditional ‘beauty’ pageant!

If you can see yourself as a Miss Voluptuous Pageants titleholder, click here to apply now!

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